Gladiator Training Q&A

1.  What is a Reinforcing Ironworker “Rod Buster?”

Answer:  Rodbusters install reinforcing steel in cast in place concrete for commercial and heavy highway construction foundations, walls, slabs, and columns.

2.  What is Gladiator Training?

Answer: Gladiator training is the first step to entering the Reinforcing Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program.

3 If I have a criminal record will that count against me?

Answer:  No, in most cases there are no background checks.  However, there are certain jobs that will require a background check, which is mandated by the owner of the project.

4.  What does the Gladiator training consist of? 

Answer: The Gladiator class consists of classroom and physical hands-on training which includes, carrying techniques, tying of rebar, rebar identification, and basic layout and placement techniques etc. 

5.  How long is the Gladiator class?

Answer: The Gladiator program consists of a 40 hour class with the continuation of more advanced training in the future.

6.  When are the classes available?

Answer: The classes are available depending on our contractor’s manpower needs.

7.  Will I get paid for the training?

Answer: You will not be paid for the training.

8.  Will I be a guaranteed a job upon completion of the Gladiator training?

Answer: You are not guaranteed a job once you complete the training, however, you will be evaluated according to your skill and mental aptitude, based on the instructor’s evaluation and placed on an available to work list.

9.  How should I dress for the training?

Answer: Construction quality pants (no cut-offs), long sleeve shirt, hard toe 8” high top lace up boots are mandatory (steel toe boots are preferred). NO LOOSE OR BAGGY CLOTHING.

10.  Do I need to buy tools for training?

Answer:  No, we will provide all required tools and Personal Protective Equipment necessary for training.

11.  What tools will I need to purchase to get started with my career as a Rodbuster after the Gladiator program?

Answer:  You will need to buy a belt, scabbard/pouch, wire reel, side cutter pliers (#9-#7), diagonal cutters (dikes), bolt bag, 30’ tape measure, 6-foot folding ruler and keel holder with marking crayon/keel. You can find all these tools as a package at the following link: under rodbuster package.

12.  Will my Gladiator hours count towards my apprenticeship?

Answer:  Yes, all hours in the Gladiator program will be credited towards your required apprenticeship training hours. The Apprenticeship is a three-year program.

13.  What is the starting rate of pay?

Answer:  Starting pay will vary by employer, location, and type of project.  Some contractors will give $1.00 raises after 30 and 60 days evaluations. Wage increases will come according to the Apprenticeship Standards in the prospective areas.

14.  What are the benefits of making this a career?

Answer:  After you are placed with a contractor and work about 3 months in most cases, you will become eligible for healthcare coverage for you and your children. Some contractors provide a pension plan, and certain jobs will contribute to a pension plan.