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“Training a New Generation” of Reinforcing Iron Workers to “Reinforce Our Future”

The story of  the RDCTT and Reinforcing Iron Workers Locals 847 & 846

Iron Workers Local 846 is a regional reinforcing specialty local,  846 was established in February 2004 by the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Reinforcing Iron workers and was given the jurisdiction over reinforcing concrete work in parts of 22 states from Miami, Florida to Boise, Idaho.  The purpose and main goal was to create a source and supply of skilled Ironworkers to meet the demands of the industry in a region the union sector had been losing it’s market share in for many years.  Many new and existing contractors were on board immediately with this long overdue action because of the shortage of highly skilled and trained workers for this important sector of the construction industry.
Organizing the workers and contractors presently doing the work was a key component then and still is today, this will remain on the forefront of our growth forever.  The New Regional Reinforcing Local grew in leaps and bounds, as did the national economy and construction of the mid-2000’s decade.  But organizing alone will not complete the task.

Recruiting and training must also be a significant part of maintaining productive growth so on January 18th, 2006; the Local 846 Training Trust was established and a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee “JATC“ Trustees board were appointed to act as the Apprenticeship, A-Rodman/Trainee and Journeyperson upgrading department of this new territory.  Apprenticeship standards were written by our officials and approved for all Federal and State agencies of the areas, to conform to the regulations of each state.

Local 846 came out from under the International Union’s supervision and held elections for its officers in the middle of 2008.  At that same time the jurisdiction was divided at the Mississippi river and the western portion became a newly chartered Reinforcing Local 847, under International supervision with General Organizer, Don Zampa overseeing it.  Accordingly a new Regional District Council was created to aid in management of both Locals.  The locals currently have increasing numbers of active members and many signatory contractors throughout the United States.

At that time it was also necessary to change the name of the training department to cover both Locals and it became the Regional District Council Training Trust “RDCTT” on May 7th, 2008.  A Training Director was hired by the JATC to coordinate the transition and administer all day to day activities and build a team of trainers to “Train a New Generation” of Reinforcing Ironworkers and “Reinforce Our Future”.

Training and Certifications courses are being conducted at various locations over the multi-state area in order to meet the present and future needs of members, contractors and their job sites.  We have begun setting up associations with community groups, area school systems, trade schools and community colleges in order to increase the range and scope of our training.  We are also continually looking for motivated, qualified trainers in order to continue to expand our staff to meet the ever expanding needs of the industry and be on the forefront of growth.