Gladiator Program Outline

Outline of the Gladiator Training Program

Our Locals 846/847 Gladiator Training Program is:

  • The first step of the comprehensive apprenticeship program designed to quickly recognize specific individuals who have the physical and mental aptitude, to not only succeed as an Ironworker but to also excel and flourish.

The biggest advantage of the Gladiator Program is:

  • It helps to accelerate the learning process of each potential apprentice.
  • Constant one on one training, and personal attention for the first forty hours of training.
  • Teaches the importance of Personal Protective Equipment and safety awareness on the job site.
  • Lends to a more enjoyable learning and working experience.

Removes two of the most common day-to-day setbacks:

  • Training an apprentice in the field, the burden of lost production.
  • Alleviates the sometimes unbearable stress placed on an apprentice who may struggle to keep up with his journeyman counterpart.

A program that was created with the success of new Ironworkers and their Contractors in mind.