Gladiator Program

Gladiator Training Program - RDCTT

Give yourself the best chance in life to succeed by joining our gladiator/apprentice program.
Our program will provide the best training in the industry to help you master your trade! 

Our Gladiator Training Program is a program which consists of a "FREE" forty hour instructional class that will introduce prospective students to the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Trade. This program was specifically designed to provide all interested individuals with an in-depth, visual and hands-on experience of the concrete reinforcing trade. This class will provide an opportunity to better understand what the “Ironworking” trade is and actually consists of. Which will allow the participant’s to make an educated decision as to whether they would consider making the Ironworking trade their choice as a career. This process will also provide our professional trainers with an up close opportunity to personally evaluate each participant’s progress on an hour by hour, day by day basis. If the Gladiator can achieve the basic skills required to function as an apprentice within the forty hours of training, we will direct them to one of the local employers who will hire them as an apprentice. Every hour spent in this program will be credited towards their required apprenticeship hours.

While we provide all the tools and Personal Protective Equipment needed to go through the program, when an individual starts at a construction job they are required to supply their own tools, this program lets them decide if Ironworking is the career they want to be involved in before spending $200-$250 on tools they won’t be able to use if they decide that it is not.Our classes are set up according to the needs of our Contractor’s, and while we do not guarantee anyone a job, we do guarantee an opportunity; the rest is up to the individual. Not everyone is cut out to be an “Ironworker” as it is very labor intensive, but we want to give everyone the opportunity to be in a career that pays well, has benefits, and has an equal opportunity for advancement.