The iron working industry is very strenuous and most tedious. An Ironworker must be alert at all times in order to perform the duties of Lifting, carrying and installing concrete reinforcing steel. An Ironworker is a stalwart individual with a great deal of upper body strength. Blueprint and drafting reading are a part of the training to become an Ironworker and safety is a must in training and working side by side with co-workers and other Craftsmen.

Ironworkers perform everyday tasks both inside and majority of the time work is performed outside in most weather conditions.

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As Union Ironworkers we take great pride representing Ironworkers Local 846 & 847. So much so we have taken the initiative to hold ourselves responsible for the actions of those representing Ironworkers Local 846 & 847. In doing so we along with the Ironworkers International have incorporated into our bylaws the following "Standards of Excellence", as our motto is "Home of The Best Ironworkers in America" we (the Union) will deal with individuals not living up to the Standards of Excellence accordingly.The mission of Iron workers Apprenticeship and Training Department is to ensure that our Union Iron Workers have the skills, knowledge, and training necessary to be safe on the job-site, competitive in the workplace, and satisfied in their careers.We accomplish that mission by providing training and training materials, leadership, and accreditation in order to uphold Union Values and the Principles of Service and Professionalism.

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We Stand For:

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Unionism
  • Professionalism